Order Date Image Title Areas Description Work strands Financing program State
0 2006-11-01 Society :
Des de l'any 2006 hem organitzat una sèrie de processos participatius per iniciativa de les administracions públiques.
Specific collectives : Finalized
0 2019-01-01
Estudi per detectar l’arribada de la papallona invasora (Cydalima perspectalis) a Andorra i monitoritzar-ne la invasió
Ecology and biodiversity : Internal : Active
0 Granite architecture
Geology : Active
0 2023-10-01 Marteloscopi Sustainability :
Open space for virtual forestry practices to test different types of management and see their impact on the ecosystemic processes of the forest.
Education for sustainability : Forest resources : Active
0 Sports Innovation
We contribute in the sports sectors of the country in order to position Andorra as a reference, through innovation.
Innovation processes : Active
0 2023-01-01 Environmental flow Sustainability :
A comprehensive evaluation for a first approximation of the environmental flows in Andorra.
Hydrological resources : Internal : Active
0 2022-09-01 Streamflow observations Sustainability :
Streamflow observations improvement of the Andorran fluvial catchments.
Hydrological resources : Internal : Active
0 2022-01-01 Mountain :
Prova pilot per mesurar la precipitació a partir de la senyal de televisió per satèl·lit
Meteorology : Active
0 2023-02-01 Society : Technology :
Anàlisi, divulgació i aplicacions per entendre millor les eleccions al Consell General del 2023
Politics : Internal : Active
0 2023-02-01 RINS_Inclusive Sound Nature Route Sustainability :
Transfrontier project to create mountain and coastal sound heritage routes, in digital format.
Ecology and biodiversity : Education for sustainability : Microproject CTP : Finalized
0 2009-01-01  Endangered flora of Andorra Mountain :
Study and update of the Check-list and the Red List of the Andorran Flora
Flora : Internal : Active
0 2022-10-11 National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy
Project of transformation of the country that works between the private and public sector, research and innovation institutions, as well as the citizens
Living Lab : Innovation processes : Active
0 2021-09-30 ERGA Andorra Mountain :
Project for genome sequencing of native species to contribute to the European Reference Genome Atlas (ERGA) initiative.
Ecology and biodiversity : Internal : Active
0 2022-01-03 Challenge PLANETech 2022 Mountain :
International challenge to find technological solutions to deal with extreme weather events in mountain areas
Meteorology : Living Lab : Innovation processes : Active
0 2022-05-01 National Forest Inventory of Andorra Sustainability :
Exhaustive and standardized data collection of the totality of the Andorran forests with the objective of monitoring the forest status in the long term.
Global change : Flora : Ecology and biodiversity : Forest resources : Internal : Active
0 2021-03-15 Analysis of public policy Society :
Analysis and evaluation of public policies selected for their relevance for Andorran society.
Politics : International Relations and Andorra-Europe relations : Internal : Active
0 2020-10-01 Andorra: future challenges Sustainability : Society :
Debates and reflections on the challenges that Andorran society will have to face between 2021 and 2050
Provision of services : Finalized
0 2019-06-01 Andorra at Expo2020 Dubai Sustainability : Technology :
Participation at the Universal Exposition at the United Arab Emirates.
Living Lab : Tourism : International Relations and Andorra-Europe relations : Internal : Finalized
0 2017-03-15 30 years of international relations Society :
Analysis of Andorra´s international relations and foreign policy: configuration, evolution and outcomes.
International Relations and Andorra-Europe relations : Internal : Active
0 2020-01-20 Citizen participation in times of lockdown Society :
Contribution to the launching of the citizen participation platform in both technical and technological aspects.
Politics : Provision of services : Finalized
0 2018-09-14 Political parties and activity in Andorra Society :
Studies on the internal functioning of political parties, the party system, access to political activity and its professionalization.
Politics : Internal : Active
0 2021-11-15  Andorra - Europe barometer Society :
Tool for integral analysis on the state of opinions regarding relations between Andorra and the European Union.
International Relations and Andorra-Europe relations : Provision of services : Internal : Active
0 2021-09-01 Impact studies of the Andorra- EU association agreement Society :
Estimate, follow-up and analysis of the impacts on Andorran society and economy of an eventual association with the European Union.
International Relations and Andorra-Europe relations : Provision of services : Internal : Active
0 2021-01-04 Mooovement Technology :
Mobile app aimed at providing support to Andorra´s livestock farmers during the grazing season.
Sensing : 3D printing and modeling : Internal : Active
0 2018-01-10 Datahub Technology :
A country technological infrastructure to work in data science.
Living Lab : Data analytics : Internal : Active
0 2017-12-04 Pyrenees DNA Mountain : Sustainability :
Pyrenean heritage enhancement and cooperation project of the Living Pyrenees Education Network.
Global change : Flora : Fauna : Ecology and biodiversity : Geology : Values : Language : Education for sustainability : Interreg POCTEFA : Finalized
0 1997-01-01 Living Pyrenees Education network Mountain : Sustainability : Society :
Cross border network with over eighty entities and professionals from the field of environmental education of Pyrenean territories.
Global change : Flora : Fauna : Natural risks : Ecology and biodiversity : Geology : Values : Language : Education for sustainability : Active
0 2020-04-01 Covid19 challenge Technology :
An open innovation initiative to show how many people are inside or outside of a commercial establishment.
Innovation processes : Wellness : Health : Finalized
0 The material testimonies of the construction of the State of the Pyrenees: the Co-Principality of Andorra Society :
Multinational candidacy between the states of Andorra, Spain (La Seu d’Urgell) and France (Foix) for UNESCO World Heritage.
Historical research : Active
0 2013-01-01 Projections of snow tourism in Ontario and Austria Sustainability :
Analysis of ski resorts´ vulnerability and skier response to future dynamics of higher scarcity in snow resources.
Global change : Tourism : Finalized
0 2011-09-01 NIVOPYR Sustainability :
Evaluation of the influence of climate change on the evolution of snow tourism, more specifically on alpine skiing in the Pyrenees.
Snow : Global change : Tourism : Working Community of the Pyrenees : Finalized
0 2014-01-01 Economic impact of ski tourism in Andorra Sustainability :
Study on the economic impact of ski resorts on the Principality of Andorra´s economy.
Tourism : Finalized
0 2013-01-03 Observatory of Andorran Mountains Mountain : Sustainability :
The aim of the Observatory of Andorran Mountains is to raise awareness of the evolution of the physical and biotic elements in Andorra through different indicators.
Global change : Flora : Mapping : Fauna : Natural risks : Ecology and biodiversity : Climate : Remote sensing : Internal : Active
0 2003-01-01 Study of Andorra´s pastures above the forest line Mountain :
Project to better understand the general state of pastures, necessary to carry out a reasonable management foraging resources.
Global change : Flora : Ecology and biodiversity : Internal : Active
0 2017-01-01 Sentinel lakes Mountain :
Studies of lakes to increase knowledge on their ecological functioning,identify threatening factors and define management actions to preserve them.
Global change : Ecology and biodiversity : Climate : Internal : Active
0 2011-01-01 Following of snowdrift vegetation Mountain :
Snowbeds are habitats where snow is present for almost nine months of the year and where there is minimal human intervention.
Global change : Flora : Ecology and biodiversity : Interreg POCTEFA : Active
0 2020-08-20 Ethics of the digital ecosystem Society : Technology :
Framework to establish the ethical implications related to the definition, implementation and use of digital technologies.
Internal : Active
0 2006-01-01 Natural Risks database Mountain :
Database of events that have occurred in Andorra and have caused damages.
Natural risks : Active
0 2020-01-01 Sentinel observatory Mountain :
Long term interdisciplinary research device aiming to study spatial and temporal dynamics of mountain ecosystems.
Global change : Flora : Mapping : Fauna : Ecology and biodiversity : Climate : Internal : Active
0 2019-01-06 MONTCLIMA Mountain :
Transnational strategic framework on natural risk prevention and management in mountain regions.
Global change : Natural risks : Interreg Sudoe : Finalized
0 2021-07-31 Richi Entrepreneurs Challenge 2021 Technology :
Immersion program in Boston to grow in Andorra, promoting innovation in the fields of health, sports and wellness.
Living Lab : Innovation processes : Finalized
0 2018-01-01 The 'Carta Pôbla' Society :
Our associate researcher Oliver Vergés has dissected one of the founding documents of the history of Andorra.
Historical research : Finalized
0 2018-01-01 Andorrans in the notarial documentation of the Urgell Chapter Archive Society :
A research by Laura de Castellet on the notarial sources of Urgell from the 14th century.
Historical research : Finalized
0 2019-01-01 First Pyrenean parliaments Society :
Emma Arcelin has worked on the various Pyrenean parliamentary models of the Old Regime.
Historical research : Finalized
0 2019-01-01 National Story Society :
A new history of Andorra.
Historical research : Active
0 2019-01-01 The privilege of Bishop Arnau of Tovia Society :
In the framework of the sixth centenary of the writing of the privilege, two researches papers on the Consell de la Terra.
Historical research : Finalized
0 2020-01-01 The 'Nord Andorrà' Society :
A history of electrification in Andorra.
Historical research : Finalized
0 2020-01-01 Andorra and the Spanish Civil War Society :
An exhaustive study on the influence of the Spanish conflict on Andorra.
Historical research : Active
0 The Solana of Andorra Society :
Lasting around five centuries, the legal conflict over ownership rights over la Solana confronted Encamp and Canillo with Merens.
Historical research : Active
0 Biography of Julià Reig Ribó Society :
Julià Reig was one of the most charismatic 'síndics' of the 20th century, the protagonist of Andorra's years of rapid growth.
Historical research : Active
0 Capsules of Andorra's history in times of confinement Society :
A solidarity initiative for historical difussion in times of pandemic.
Historical dissemination : Active
0 2018-11-06 Five hours with the history of Andorra Society :
A series of conferences on Andorra's history.
Historical dissemination : Finalized
0 2017-06-16 III Congress of the History of the Pyrenees Society :
Forty papers on the history of the mountain range.
Historical research : Finalized
0 2017-01-01 Pere Canturri Scolarship Society :
The Pere Canturri Scholarship is dedicated to historical research, and is aimed at students who have just completed their undergraduate studies.
Historical research : Active
0 2017-01-01  Manuel Mas Grant Society :
Intended for students who have finished their graduate studies, and who propose research work on Andorran politics and institutions.
Historical research : Active
0 2018-01-01 Consell de la Terra bursary Society :
The Consell de la Terra grant finances the writing of a doctoral thesis to promote postgraduate studies on the Andorran political or parliamentary system.
International Relations and Andorra-Europe relations : Historical research : Active
0 Political studies and Andorran historiography: a state of affairs Society :
An untimate bibliography on the history of Andorra.
Historical research : Active
0 2020-09-01 Andorra, Biosphere Reserve Sustainability :
Technical coordination for Andorra´s candidacy to become a biosphere reserve within the UNESCO Man and Biosphere program.
Ecology and biodiversity : Values : Education for sustainability : Internal : Active
0 2019-06-01 DroneLab Technology :
Logistical and operational support in research and innovation projects that use non-piloted aircraft in Andorra.
Living Lab : Sensing : Remote sensing : Internal : Active
0 2021-06-30 Antena 4.0 Technology :
The initiative named Antena 4.0 is based on the promotion of the 3D printing sector and that of additive manufacturing.
Innovation processes : 3D printing and modeling : Internal : Active
0 2021-09-01 IMAGYN-GeoPiri3D Mountain :
Caracterisation of the continental lithosphere and its thermodynamic evolution in the Pyrenees.
Geology : Active
0 2019-01-01 National mobility model Sustainability :
National scale traffic simulation model to study the impact of different strategies around mobility in Andorra.
Mobility : Living Lab : Internal : Active
0 2009-01-01 Seismic stations Mountain :
Seismic stations allow to monitor and follow seismic events with Andorra as an epicentre.
Natural risks : Geology : Active
0 2020-09-01 Solar potential Sustainability :
Estimating and visualising solar photovoltaic potential of covering the entirety of building rooftops in Andorra.
Energy : Education for sustainability : Internal : Active
0 2007-01-01 Andorra´s mineralizations Mountain :
Website that includes an inventory of Andorra´s mineralisations, as well as geologically interesting information.
Geology : Finalized
0 2007-01-01 aa Mountain :
Generating of meteorological observations to support a different number of projects.
Global change : Meteorology : Climate : Active
0 2010-01-01 GBIF Mountain :
Global biodiversity database, with the aim of expanding knowledge, promote investigation and influence environmental policies.
Mapping : Ecology and biodiversity : Internal : Active
0 2004-01-01 BMSAnd Mountain :
Butterfly Monitoring Scheme of Andorra
Fauna : Internal : Active
0 2015-10-08 Ornitho Mountain :
Citizen participation website allowing to upload data and photo of birds, butterflies, mammals, reptiles, orchids... in Andorra´s geographic environment.
Flora : Mapping : Fauna : Internal : Active
0 2005-01-01 Ethnobotany and ethnomycology study Mountain :
Study on the traditional uses of plants and fungi, as well as their possible application in cosmetic research.
Flora : Internal : Working Community of the Pyrenees : Active
0 2020-01-01 Teabag Mountain :
Study on the rate of soil decomposition following the teabags method. 
Ecology and biodiversity : Internal : Active
0 2020-01-01 MIRANDA Mountain : Sustainability :
Mountain meteorology and air quality in the central valley of Andorra.
Meteorology : Air quality : Active
0 2019-01-01 WISE-PREP Mountain :
Analysis of precipitation processes in the Eastern Ebro subbasin.
Meteorology : Finalized
0 2009-01-01 EDNA Mountain :
The Snow and Avalanche Space is an environment in which to spread information regarding snow and avalanches.
Snow : Natural risks : Active
0 2009-03-02 Use of languages Society :
The study of use of languages within the population and its interconnections with the make up of Andorran society is one of our most consolidated lines of research.
Language : Active
0 2005-06-02 Health and nutrition Society :
From the area of Society we collaborate with the Health Department and the SAAS in studies on all aspects related to health.
Health : Active
0 2002-01-10 Work relations Society :
This project aims to cover the basic structure keys and work dynamics in Andorra from an initial sociological approach.
Labor : Active
0 2011-01-12 Analysis of the Principality´s tourism Society :
Analysis of the impact of this important economic activity in Andorra commissioned by Andorra Turisme.
Tourism : Active
0 2002-06-01 The world of education Society :
This project encompasses the entire range of studies related to education in Andorra carried out by our research group.
Education : Active
0 2017-05-08 Following of the mediation processes Society :
Through the Sociology group an annual analysis of mediation in Andorra is made, regulated by a law from 2018.
Wellness : Active
0 2009-01-01 Following of snow meteorological episodes and avalanches. Mountain :
Following and study of snow meteorological episodes that produce avalanche activity.
Snow : Meteorology : Natural risks : Active
0 2004-01-01 Geological Map of Andorra Mountain :
Geological mapping of Andorra on a scale of 1:25.000.
Geology : Active
0 2017-01-01 Paleontological heritage Mountain :
Project to identify and value Andorra´s paleontological heritage.
Geology : Active
0 2001-02-01 Immigration and the current make up of Andorran society Society :
One of the most significant traits of Andorran society is the great diversity in origin of its inhabitants.
Immigration : Active
0 2016-08-16 Abstentionism in Andorra Society :
Since 2007, this study analyses voters motives for not exercising their right to vote in Andorran elections.
Politics : Active
0 2021-01-01 Demographic projection 2020-2031: population and homes Society :
Demographic projections are a valuable tool in understanding and planning the future.
Social indicators : Finalized
0 2001-01-01 Evolution of the landscape Mountain :
Study of landscape evolution through comparing terrain covering maps carried out from aerial photographs from 1948, 1972, 1995 and 2012.
Mapping : Remote sensing : Internal : Active
0 2001-01-01 SIGMA Mountain :
The SIGMA project´s main goal is to gather and offer themed Andorran mapping generated from the country's research center.
Mapping : Remote sensing : Provision of services : Internal : Active
0 2012-04-13 Youth observatory Society :
An initiative by the Government's Department of Youth to gather indicators from the 16 to 29 year old age group.
Specific collectives : Active
0 2020-06-06 Survey on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on Andorran businesses Society :
By initiative of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Andorra, this work measures the impact of the crisis caused by COVID-19 on Andorran businesses.
Labor : Active
0 2017-09-01 Study on caretakers for dependent persons Society :
This work wants to highlight this vital task within our society, focusing on both paid professionals as well as volunteers.
Wellness : Active
0 2013-01-01 SARIF Mountain :
The Forest Fire Risk Assessment System provides the thematic cartographic layers that allow the assessment of daily fire risk in Andorra.
Meteorology : Natural risks : Active
0 2019-01-01 PHÉNOCLIM: phenology and climate Mountain :
Phénoclim encompasses phenology and climatology to know how climate change affects the vital cycle of plants.
Global change : Flora : Education : Interreg POCTEFA : Active
0 2011-01-12 SOCA: Tracking of birds common to Andorra Mountain :
Long term tracking program of Andorran bird fauna ; a project made possible thanks to the participation of volunteer ornithologists.
Global change : Fauna : Internal : Active
0 2015-01-01 Climate bulletin Mountain :
The aim of the climate bulletin is to characterise and monitor climate behaviour (temperature and precipitation) over a specific period in Andorra.
Climate : Active
0 2016-01-01 GWOP Mountain :
Mountain waves and orographic precipitation in the Pyrenees.
Meteorology : Finalized
0 2007-05-12 Andorran Social Care Observatory Society :
The main objectives of the Andorran Social Care Observatory are to inform, document and evaluate the country's social situation.
Social indicators : Active
0 2013-02-12 Observatory of childhood Society :
The gathering of indicators to evaluate children's situations in our country, an initiative by the National Committee in Andorra for UNICEF.
Specific collectives : Active
0 2020-02-01 FLORALAB: network of open air botanical laboratories Mountain :
Network of study, preservation and improvement of flora heritage in the Oriental Pyrenees, built on a cross-border network of Open Air Botanical Labs.
Flora : Interreg POCTEFA : Postgraduate : Finalized
0 2017-01-01 Analysis of mobile phone data Sustainability : Technology :
Analysis of data gathered from mobile phone users to study its potential as a tool for national planning.
Mobility : Data analytics : Provision of services : Finalized
0 2015-01-01 ATES Platform Mountain :
Tool to improve awareness and safety when preparing winter outings around the country's routes and areas.
Snow : Natural risks : Active
0 2018-01-01 EnergiAnd Sustainability :
Energy model of Escaldes-Engordany on the scale of buildings so as to study challenges and the potential for an energy model change in urban buildings.
Energy : Andorran issues : Postgraduate : Active
0 2019-01-01 Emissions calculator Sustainability :
Simplified calculation platform to compensate greenhouse gas emissions in the domestic sector, organisations and events.
Global change : Education for sustainability : Provision of services : Active
0 2018-11-01 Casa de la Muntanya Mountain : Technology :
To discover mountains in an interactive and innovative manner, promoting new projects, products and services among different actors in the field of mountains.
Living Lab : Tourism : Internal : Active
0 2017-01-01 Snow Lab Sustainability : Technology :
Testing space for innovative strategies in the fields of snow and mountains with the aim of contributing to sustainable development.
Snow : Global change : Sensing : Internal : Andorran issues : Active
0 2018-01-01 PIRAGUA Sustainability :
Characterization of the water Pyrennean cycle to improve adaptation capabilities of the territories in the face of challenges posed by global change.
Global change : Hydrological resources : Interreg POCTEFA : Postgraduate : Finalized
0 2014-01-01 Potential for solar panels in the Pyrenees Sustainability :
Characterization of the solar photovoltaic energetic potential on building rooftops in the Pyrenees and implementation of a platform to consult results.
Energy : Working Community of the Pyrenees : Finalized
0 2012-09-01 LEAP-Andorra Sustainability :
Model of the energy system to evaluate the impact of energy policies and face the main challenges associated with national energy security.
Energy : Postgraduate : Finalized
0 2016-01-01 Evaluation and model of air contamination Sustainability :
Analysis and modeling of the dynamics of air pollution in Andorra and study of the possible impacts on the territory.
Air quality : Provision of services : Finalized
0 2019-10-01 COLEOPTER Sustainability :
Development of an integrated approach to the energy efficiency of public buildings that links technical, social and economic challenges.
Energy : Education for sustainability : Interreg Sudoe : Finalized
0 2019-10-01 REMAS Sustainability :
Quantifying model of the risk of greenhouse gas emissions in forest fires to include this indicator in management policies and programs.
Mapping : Natural risks : Forest resources : Interreg Sudoe : Finalized
0 2010-03-11 Political opinion survey Society :
A survey analysing current political affairs in the Principality, carried out annually, as well as before all general elections.
Opinion surveys : Politics : Active
0 2002-02-01 Observatory: the barometer Society :
A periodical survey given to all the population of legal age to measure the evolution of indicators in different aspects of Andorran society.
Opinion surveys : Active
0 2006-05-12 World Values Survey (WVS) in Andorra Society :
Both Andorran participations in the World Values Survey, in 2005 and 2018.
Values : Active
0 2020-01-01 ADAPYR Mountain :
Capitalisation, observation transferal and appropriation of adaptation strategies to climate change in the Pyrenees.
Global change : Interreg POCTEFA : Finalized
0 2019-12-01 MOMPA Mountain :
Monitoring of Land Movements and Action Protocol.
Natural risks : Geology : Interreg POCTEFA : Finalized
0 2019-11-01 ACCLIMAFOR Mountain :
Analysis of the effects of climate change on important forest species in the Pyrenean region.
Global change : Ecology and biodiversity : Interreg POCTEFA : Finalized
0 2019-11-01 CONECTFOR Mountain :
Characterization and preservation of forested areas with a high ecological value and of their ecological connectivity.
Global change : Flora : Mapping : Fauna : Ecology and biodiversity : Climate : Remote sensing : Interreg POCTEFA : Finalized
0 2020-01-01 FLORAPYR AVANCE Mountain :
Project to contribute to the OPCC on the evolution and preservation of flora and vegetation in the Pyrenees.
Global change : Flora : Ecology and biodiversity : Interreg POCTEFA : Finalized
0 2018-01-01 POCRISC Mountain :
For a common culture of seismic risk in the Pyrenees.
Natural risks : Interreg POCTEFA : Finalized
0 2019-11-01 PYRMOVE Mountain :
Cross border management and prevention of the risk associated with landslides.
Natural risks : Geology : Interreg POCTEFA : Finalized
0 2014-07-01 CLIM’PY Mountain :
Characterization of climate evolution and information supply for adaptation and to know climate evolution in the Pyrenees in a context of global change.
Global change : Climate : Interreg POCTEFA : Finalized
0 2020-06-11 Sociology capsules in times of pandemic Society :
A solidarity initiative for the dissemination of the social sciences.
Historical dissemination : Active
1 Andorra Startup
Platform that allows to identify and map continuously the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem of the country.
Living Lab : Innovation processes : Active