Political parties and activity in Andorra
Eduard Comellas / Consell General

Andorra Research + Innovation has commissioned several studies to improve understanding of Andorra's political parties and, by extension, a better comprehension of the people who are part of them.

  • The political scientist Gerard Pasanau developed in 2019, thanks to a Manuel Mas scholarship, the study The internal functioning of Andorran political parties. We will seek now to expand this perspective of analysis on parties, focused on their internal functioning, by integrating the Political Party Database, the world's leading repository on the structure and internal dynamics of political parties.
  • In a complementary line, the political scientist Albert Batlle is carrying out a study where he analyzes the Andorran party system, focusing on its evolution and its performances, based on standard indicators commonly used in comparative politics.

Beyond the parties, as we noted, aspects relating to people engaged in political activity are also being analyzed.

  •  Political scientist Andreu Paneque, thanks to a Consell de la Terra scholarship, studies in his thesis the professionalization of politics in small-scale democracies, focusing on Andorra as his main case study.
  • Also political scientist Paula Przybylowicz, thanks to a Manuel Mas scholarship, has studied access to Andorran politics in terms of gender.

Based on a combined reading of all these studies and on complementary researchs carried out internally, the aim is to try to offer an integrated analysis of the political parties and the exercise of political activity in Andorra.