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Andorra Research + Innovation

Inspiring change

Andorra Research + Innovation

Three of the country´s research and innovation entities have merged to become a single public body: Andorra Research + Innovation, integrated by the Andorran Studies Institute, Andorra´s Sustainability Observatory and Actua Innovation.

The law of creation for the new entity was passed by the General Council of the Valleys of Andorra in May 2021.


Promote research and innovation in the country

Andorra Research + Innovation stems from the will to provide answers to current and future challenges that affect Andorra and the world. This public entity wants to generate knowledge, transmit it to society, provide solutions for sustainable development and contribute to the diversification of the Andorran economy.

What is the purpose of Andorra Research + Innovation?


Face current and future challenges

Generate knowledge on the physical and human realities in the Principality of Andorra and on current and future challenges affecting the country and the world on a global scale.

Aproximació a l'entorn digital

Generate solutions

Provide innovative solutions for the sustainable development of Andorran society and its constant adapting to social and technological evolution.


Give support to the research and investigation sector

Offering advice and scientific, technical and strategic support to the public powers of the Principality of Andorra.

Optimització de processos

Sharing of knowledge

Transmitting generated knowledge to Andorran society and the international community.


Diversify the economy by enhancing knowledge

Contributing to the diversification of the Andorran economy and the development of a knowledge economy through prospection and exploration of new business opportunities in innovative and technological fields.