The Mountain area encompasses applied research and innovation on our natural environment, which plays a key role in Andorra.

Scientific dissemination, cooperation with other organisms and cross-border collaboration are object of special attention.

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Work strands

  • Snow

    Snow related projects deepen knowledge about winter meteorology events which generate avalanches, to understand the effects of winter climates and local winter meteorology on the dynamics of avalanches on an Andorran scale, as well as new procedures, tools and technologies we have to characterize it.

  • Meteorology

    Investigation to improve weather forecasting tools in areas of complex terrain, to increase knowledge about the atmosphere´s on the Principality of Andorra and, in general, on the Pyrenees.

  • Climate

    Climate characterization through indicators to represent the state or tendencies of environmental conditions which characterize the territory. We study the climate´s evolution and carry out a historical register in order to detect changes.

  • Natural risks

    We are working on discovering the dynamics, severity and evolution of natural phenomena that can cause damage and economic losses to the population. The knowledge obtained have enormous potential of technological transference, as it allows for innovation in prediction, prevention and protection from natural risks.

  • Global change

    Analyzing climate change and its effects on biodiversity and the use of natural resources.

  • Remote sensing and mapping

    We are working on the general and thematic mapping of the territory.

  • Ecology and biodiversity

    Developing projects which affect a variety of natural systems in Andorra: fields and pastures, lakes, forests... We establish monitoring and analysis studies of the most sensitive areas.

  • Flora

    We study the different levels of flora, vegetation, fungi, briophytes and lichens, to know their state and improve their conservation.

  • Fauna

    The study of butterflies, common birds and other groups of fauna allow for the improvement in conservation efforts for these groups of living beings and provide up-to-date information for territorial management.

  • Geology

    Projects which study the geology and geomorphology of the Principality of Andorra.