The technology area is centered on the development of applied research and innovation through the use of emerging technologies, agile innovation processes and disruptive tools so that the key actors in Andorra can easily adopt them. We promote the development of new, more sustainable economic sectors and focused on improving society´s wellbeing.

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Work strands

  • Living Lab

    An ecosystem of innovation fostering coordination, research, design and the validation of projects which allow learning, experimentation and network working, with the aim of optimizing evaluation and testing procedures of new products and services.

  • Smart Data, analytics, spatial visualization

    We use data provided by different sources and contexts to interpret, analyze and dynamically model surroundings of diverse complexity to help in decision making.

  • Innovation processes

    We systematize and incorporate innovation management methodologies allowing the country´s organizations to increase their competitiveness through turning ides into prototypes and new developments, thus contributing to the growth of the knowledge and research economies of Andorra.

  • Drones, sensory and other remote sensing systems

    We use advanced systems to gather environmental, geographic, energy and other types of data in order to characterize and quantify variables of interest for both the private and public sectors, generating synergies and relationships between different sectors of activity.

  • 3D printing and modeling

    We connect the capacities of physical and digital ecosystems for the integration of different creations with a high added value so as to generate opportunities in the field of 3D printing, promoting digital transformation and the developing of new skillsets and formation that further entrepreneurship.

  • Digital ethics

    We define frameworks of understanding and engagement in the ethical implications of design, development, implementation, operating and use of digital technologies, considering users fundamental rights and those of the collectives they represent.