Innovation Agency


The Innovation Agency of Andorra Research and Innovation is the entity that promotes the development of innovation capabilities of the Principat d'Andorra contributing to sustainable economic growth, harnessing talent and innovation as the different actors that make up our ecosystem, connecting it with international trends to create new opportunities for both the public and private sector, educational institutions, businesses and entrepreneurs, and our citizens.

The main activities carried out by the Agency are:

  • Promote innovation projects in the country
  • Encourage and disseminate open innovation
  • Promote and establish synergies in the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Develop projects in the Andorra Living Lab environment
  • Develop trend observatories
  • Create and implement the country's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy
  • Establish bidirectional synergies with national and international partners to promote the interconnection of knowledge and resources creating opportunities both socially and economically



Open innovation ecosystem that promotes coordination, research, design and validation of innovation projects, creating a key environment for experimentation and development of our services, products and infrastructures, in real environments connected to virtual communities. They encompass social and technological dimensions simultaneously, investigating how users interact with new technologies, but also to familiarize users with them.

Environment in which companies, public authorities, academics and citizens work together to create, prototype, validate and test our services, companies, markets and technologies in real-life contexts, such as cities, city regions, rural areas, as well as virtual collaboration in networks between public and private players. They allow learning and networking, which is still very attractive for many users, and very interesting dynamics are generated.

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