National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy

In the context of the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy presented in October 2021 to the Economic Committee of the General Council of the Principality of Andorra, the work plan and prioritization of actions to be implemented was initiated, with different participants representing experts from the 4 commissions established in the Strategy: Talent, Business and Finance, Infrastructure and Ecosystem.

The objective of this initiative is to identify the challenges that our innovation ecosystem faces in order to grow, to make the most of the country's capacity and talent in order to promote the translation of knowledge into actions that generate competitiveness, generating an impact on improving the quality of life of people and the Andorran economy in a sustainable way.

Andorra Research and Innovation, with the support of Andorra Business, has been working on the action plan, in order to develop actions to be implemented by the different segments that make up our innovation ecosystem, such as economic, academic and entrepreneurial actors in the country.

In just one year, we have already worked twice with the different agents in a plenary way and two sessions per committee have been held, the first one last May and the second one in September.

In the coming months, the commissions will continue to use their expertise to propose defined work actions that can accelerate the achievement of the first prioritized actions, in order to work on them and push them forward together.

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