Antena 4.0

The evolution towards the digitalization of companies and regions, the need for extreme and massive customization and the emergence of different forms of business creation that generate added value in the industry sector have led to the emergence of great opportunities in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing sector as an alternative to design, develop and produce new products and services, as a result of the activity of emerging projects.

3D Printing

Moreover, this growing interest in the use of disruptive and digital technologies generates a great positive impact on innovation projects and, therefore, on entrepreneurship projects. 

In recent years, initiatives have already been launched, such as the 3D printing project incubator, IAM 3D HUB, with such a degree of success and impact that it is generating expansions not only at the spatial level but also at the level of 4.0 technologies, such as the integration of robotics, cybersecurity, blockchain, among others. 

This has given rise to the idea of "Antenna 4.0" or technological antennas linked to 3D printing, which have, as main objectives, the collaboration between the public and private sector to ensure a direct impact in the areas of: 

  • The digital transformation of business models, and the necessary advice to adopt these technologies, promoting the connection between traditional local industry.
  • The development of new skills through training and informative actions.
  • The identification of opportunities and the use of the knowledge of the needs of the industry established in the territory.
  • Support in existing initiatives in the areas of talent and entrepreneurship projects.
  • The creation and growth of start-ups and spin-offs related to additive manufacturing.
  • Participation and collaboration with other ecosystems.
  • The connection between the business environment, research centers and training centers or universities.
Promoting innovative talent

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