Covid19 challenge

Related to the opening of Andorra's commercial establishments -and as a consequence of the limitations caused by the current context of the health crisis due to Covid19- Andorra Recerca+Innovació, in collaboration with Andorra Business, worked to reduce the predictable waiting times for people in common areas by proposing a challenge open to different actors in Andorran society. The objective was to help reduce the epidemiological risk and to manage an arranged entry to the facilities. The challenge had two phases and a total duration of 21 days. At the end of the two phases a jury made up of different actors in the country decided which was the best proposal.

The proposals had to meet the following requirements:

  • Product-based solutions: proposals that solve the challenge posed based on an existing product but incorporating sufficient changes and adjustments to configure an innovative solution adapted to the challenge in question.
  • Stable solutions: these solutions must be able to be tested by the jury and must be able to be used and tested in a pilot project.

They could not be integrated commercial solutions that already had a mature commercial track record.

Thirteen participants participated with different solutions for the management of the concurrence.