I International Conference on Planetary Health


Next May 12th and 13th we will celebrate the first edition of the International Conference on Planetary Health in Andorra. This event is organized and promoted by different institutions of Andorra, the Government of Andorra, the Andorran Health Care Service (SAAS), the University of Andorra and the Andorra Research + Innovation.

The aim of the international days on global health is to learn more about the subject, to detect the main present and future challenges in order not only to raise awareness but also to analyze it and look for possible solutions. For this reason, we will have national and international experts with whom we will discuss the most latent issues of today, such as climate change, the digitalization of health systems, or the importance of biodiversity for global health, among others.


  • Presential: at the  Centre cultural i de congressos lauredià. Plaça de la Germandat (AD600). Sant Julià de Lòria 
  • Online: follow us by streaming through this link


  • Registration through the following link for those who request the certification
  • Registration through the following link for those who do not request the certification

*Registration is free of charge

** Persons who have attended 80% of the sessions will receive a Certificate of Attendance

*** The conference is in English



  • Thursday 12th of May

    • Registration (9.00-9.30)

    • Opening Session: Embracing Planetary Health (9.30-10.15)

      • Albert Font (Minister of Health)

      • Miquel Nicolau Vila (University of Andorra)

      • Marc Pons (Andorra Research + Innovation)

      • Josep M. Piqué (SAAS-Andorran Health Care System)

      • Maties Torrent (Public Health School of Menorca)

      • Antoni Plasència (General Director of Institut de Salut Global de Barcelona, ISGlobal)

      • Master of Ceremony:  Jordi Serrano-Pons(SAAS Advisor) and Laura Cugat (Andorran TV) "Introduction and Objectives of the Conference”

    • Inaugural Session: Quo Vadis Planetary Health? (10.30-11.30)

      • Elena Villalobos Prats (World Health Organization) “Planetary Health, focus on Climate Change and Health”

      • Oisin Brady Bates (Primary Care -Vasco de Gama Network’s Planetary Health) “Physicians of the future - fostering a positive planetary health practice”

      • Cristina O’Callaghan (UOC / ISGlobal- Barcelona Institute for Global Health) “Training Professionals for Planetary Health”

      • Fernando José García López (Instituto de Salud Carlos III) “Planetary Threats for Public Health”

      • Moderador: Dr. Josep M. Piqué (SAAS)

    • Break (11.30-12.00)

    • Round Table 1: Pandemic Lessons to Address Planetary Health Challenges (12.00-13.30)

      • Deborah Thomson (One Health Lessons/ World Veterinary Association) “One Health Lessons for All”

      • Joan Carles March (Escuela de Salud Pública de Granada) “Pandemic as a Trigger of Pollution Concern”

      • Eduardo Celades (UNICEF) “Global Preparedness to act locally: Lessons from West Africa”

      • Ferran Campillo (Pediatric environmental Speciality Unit. Hospital de Olot) “Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units”

      • Clara Prats (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) “Pandemic Data Lessons”

      • Moderator: Mireia Garcia (Ministry of Health)

    • Break (13.30-15.30)

    • Round Table 2: Environmental Impacts in Your Health (15.30-17.00)

      • Miguel Ángel Royo Bordonada (Instituto de Salud Carlos III) “The impact of food systems on human and planetary health”

      • Pedro Albajar (World Health Organization) “Neglected Diseases: A Test for Planetary Health Policies”

      • Luiz Augusto Cassanha Galvão (Fiocruz, Centro de Relações Internacionais em Saúde) “The Burden of Disease on a Disbalance Environment”

      • Patricia Ripoll (Aireamos,CovidWarriors) “The Impact of AIR quality on human and planetary health”

      • Irene M.Corbella Cordomí (Head of Environmental Health, Secretariat for Public Health, Catalonia, Spain) “Environmental Health Policies for a Healthier Territory”

      • Moderator: Sílvia Ferrer (Ministry of Environment-Andorra)

    • Round Table 3: The Opportunity for a Digital Planetary Health (17.00-18.30) 

      • Jordi Serrano Pons (Digital Health and Innovation SAAS Advisor) “Digitizing Planetary Health”

      • Stefan Buttigieg (European Public Health Association, Malta) “Digital transformation of public health of small states and remote areas”

      • Anish Shindore (Mentor at EIT Health and Investor in Digital Health) “Entrepreneurship to transform Digital Health”

      • Alberto Abelló (UPC) “Big Data for Planetary Health”

      • Alfonso Valencia (Barcelona Computing Centre, Spain)

      • Moderator: Aline Noizet (The Digital Health Connector / ISGlobal)

    • Open conference: Impact of the pandemic on mental health (19.30) The first day will close with an important conference on the impact of the pandemic on mental health.Planetary Health is also Mental Health. As we expect a lot of questions and interactions from the general public this conference will be held in Catalan, the local language of Andorra.

      • Location: Sala BSA del Col.legi de Psicòlegs d’Andorra (Copsia).  Crta Obac 12-14 - Edifici Forestal Esc. A Planta Baixa - Andorra la Vella

      • Carlos Mur de Viu (SAAS-Andorran Health Care System)

      • Antoni Corominas (Càtedra de Salut Mental UVic-UCC-Fundació Althaia) “The Impact of the Pandemic on Mental Health” (19.45-20.30)


  • Friday 13th of May

    • Registration (9.00-9.30)

    • Master of Ceremony:  Jordi Serrano-Pons(SAAS Advisor) and Laura Cugat (Andorran TV) "Summary of the first day of the Conference”

    • Round Table 4: Research for Healthier Populations (9.30-11.00)

      • Salvador Macip (University of Leicester/UOC) “Slowing down aging and its negative consequences”

      • Marco Inzitari (Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili/UOC) “Healthy Aging in fragile population: From Research to Implementation”

      • Eva Heras (SAAS-Andorran Health Care System) “Intrinsic Capacity and physical environment shaping functional ability”

      • David Vilanova (SAAS-Andorran Health Care System) “The Human Microbiome Ecosystem”

      • Cristina Royo (SAAS-Andorran Health Care System) “Antibiotic Resistance and Planetary Health”

      • Moderator: Anna Boada (University of Andorra)

    • Break (11.00-11.30)

    • Round Table 5: Biodiversity and Social Indicators for a Healthier Planet (11.30-13.00)

      • Cristian Gollier (Tolouse School of Economics /President of the European Association of Environmental and Resources Economists)

      • Carlos Van der Laat (International Organisation for Migration) “The Health’s challenges of climate Migration”

      • Francisco Javier Valbuena (Fundación Pondera) “The Planetary Health Research Center in the Amazon Basin”

      • Oscar Chamat (Metropolis : World Association of the Major Metropolis) “Cities4GlobalHealth and Beyond”

      • Guzman Bernabeu (Hospital Franklin-Tello, Ecuador) “A Hospital Oriented to a Planetary Health Medicine”

      • Roderic Guigó (Centre for Genomic Regulation) “The Earth Biogenome Project-Sequencing Life for the Future of Life”

      • Moderator: Vanessa Arroyo (Andorra Research + Innovation)

    • Closing Debates: (13.00-13.40) 

    • Closing Conversation I Towards a Healthier Planet (13.00-13.20)

      • Cristian Gollier (Tolouse School of Economics)

      • Cristina O’Callaghan (UOC / ISGlobal- Barcelona Institute for Global Health)

      • Deborah Thomson, DVM (One Health Lessons/ World Veterinary Association)

      • Carlos Van der Laat (International Organisation for Migration)

      • Salvador Macip (University of Leicester /UOC)

    • Closing Conversations II:  Working Towards a Healthier Planet  (13.20-13.40)

      • Miguel Ángel Royo Bordonada (Instituto de Salud Carlos III)

      • Pedro Albajar (World Health Organization)  

      • Enric Alvarez/Clara Prats(Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

      • Marco Inzitari (Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili / UOC)

      • Arnau Calvet (SCB Andorra)


The agenda is tentative.
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