Voice assistant with AI in caring environments

This project is carried out in collaboration with the Convalescence Unit of SAAS and has 2 main objectives:

  1. Determine whether the technology using vision assistants can provide patients admitted to the convalescence unit of SAAS with an improvement in their functional outcome and a reduction in the average length of stay. Associated with this line of work, called Digital Therapeutics "DTx", the aim is also to contribute to the development of metrics to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of these types of technologies in the care and medical environment, taking into account the usefulness, cost, use, satisfaction and health of the users of the system.
  2. To analyze the ethical aspects associated with the entire life cycle of these types of technologies and their risk and impact in an environment as sensitive as healthcare.

Other objectives

To evaluate if the technology can be used to:

  • Give support to the patient (daily routines), cognitive stimulation.
  • Facilitate the tasks of care staff.
  • Improve the quality of medical and safety actions.
  • To improve the patient's state of mind.
  • To take into account the patient's perception of the use and possibilities offered by these systems.
  • Validate the mechanisms of evaluation of the ethical criteria from the standards and normative referents (Ethical Recommendation of AI of UNESCO, ethical principles OECD, AI Act of the European Commission, proposed convention on AI of the Council of Europe).

In order to validate the technology, commercial devices with screen-based vision assistance technology from Amazon (Echo Show 8) are used. These devices are loaded with a set of specific functionalities for healthcare environments and are installed in 10 rooms and in the nursery room of the 5th floor of the SAAS convalescence center at the El Cedre social and health center in Santa Coloma.