CC BY 4.0 Andorra Recerca + Innovació

In the context of the European program for cross-border cooperation, POCTEFA, the PITON project strives to introduce a new perspective on the transition of territories where Pyrenean mountain stations are situated.

Climate change and societal evolution in mountainous regions are giving rise to a series of vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities, observed in mountain stations, currently challenge the developmental model of their respective territories. Consequently, the PITON project proposes to experiment with transition models for the territories linked to their mountain stations, activating the levers of social and technological innovation. This effort will complement specifically planned initiatives for mountain stations focused on sustainable tourism (LIFE PYRENEES 4 CLIMA project). On one hand, social innovation aims to contemplate large-scale territorial transitions around the station, involving all stakeholders in the area, not limited to operators of ski domains. On the other hand, technological innovation involves the use of digital tools for data collection and analysis, aiming to enhance the understanding of the relationship between stations and their territory (including impacts on natural resources and socio-economic repercussions), relying on new indicators.

The PITON project is anchored in pilot territories selected for the diversity of issues they represent. These territories will function as a testing ground for deploying tools, models, and systems crafted in response to identified challenges. The project encompasses a phase of dissemination and capitalization with the objective of ensuring widespread adoption of the approach by all Pyrenean stakeholders, thereby fostering genuine integration.

Andorra Research + Innovation, in collaboration with the Comú de la Massana, participates in the coordination of a case study within the territory through the application of the different methodologies and models proposed during the first phases of the project.