Potential for solar panels in the Pyrenees

This project has focused on the potential of building-integrated photovoltaic solar energy characterization in different areas of the Pyrenees, especially in Andorra. In contrast to other geographical areas, the availability of this resource in mountain areas is very heterogeneous and is highly influenced by topography and architectural variability. In this sense, the project analyses different case studies throughout the Pyrenees in order to better understand the influence of these aspects on solar potential.

One of the key elements of the project is the implementation of a public online platform to show the capacity of use distribution of this resource in different study areas. This tool provides users with information on energy potential, economic efficiency, and environmental impact of hypothetical solar energy installations on their buildings´ rooves.

Part of the project’s results have been adapted to be displayed in a large 3D model of Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany. Here you can see the monthly solar irradiation, as well as the potential for photovoltaic solar use on the buildings’ rooves.



The project “Potencial d'aprofitament del recurs solar en cobertes d'edificis del Pirineu” [1] has been funded by the Government of Andorra within the framework of the research grants of the Comunitat de Treball dels Pirineus (ACTP023-AND/2014) and carried out in collaboration with the company Sud Energies Renovables, the Polytechnical University of Catalonia and the Andorran Office of Energy and Climate Change.

This pilot project, which focused only on some Pyrenees locations, has allowed the development of a specific methodology for mountain areas [2] which has subsequently allowed to extend the analysis to the entire Andorran building stock. The photovoltaic potential of each building can be consulted on the website. Andorran regulations allow to carry out installations with good economic returns on investment.



[1] OBSA, "Potencial d'aprofitament del recurs solar en cobertes d'edificis del Pirineu," Memòria tècnica del projecte, 2017. 

[2] O. Travesset-Baro, G. Francisco, M. Vilella, and M. Pons, “Building rooftops photovoltaic potential in mountainous regions : a case study from the Pyrenees,” in 33rd European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, 2017, p. 2511–2514.