Demographic projection 2020-2031: population and homes

A demographic projection is a calculation of population trends in order to deduce or make a forecast of their future evolution. In order to elaborate it, the birth rate, the mortality, the aging, the life expectancy, the fecundity are studied and in the Andorran case the migration has a very important relevance.

From the Sociological Research Group, in collaboration with the Department of Statistics of the Government of Andorra, we found it very interesting to have a demographic projection of the inhabitants of the country, to complement the studies we have underway and to have a consultation tool for administrations and the general population.

Dr. Joaquín Recaño —demographer at the Center for Demographic Studies of the Autonomous University of Barcelona— has been the expert in charge of developing this analysis.

Demographic projection Years 2023-2035

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Demographic projection Years 2021-2031 

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