Casa de la Muntanya

Casa de la Muntanya is a mountain living laboratory, established to promote innovative and participatory research, as well as to develop activities, workshops and multidiciplinary projects based on the co-creation principle, involving both private and public sectors.

The project is led by Ordino’s municipality and Andorra Research + Innovation, aiming to bring together expertise, knowledge and talent, in order to explore new stimulating lines of work around mountain sports, tourism, culture and research.

Physically located in Ordino town, in the Casa Ferino facilities, the place has two main spaces: a showroom for interacting and experincing with the contents and el Cim, a coworking and co-creation zone to develop additional contents.

Entrance and showroom space at Casa de la Muntanya

Casa de la Muntanya is open to everybody who wishes to develop and test an idea, product or services in the framework of the mountain dimensions. You can visit us in Carrer Major d’Ordino, 22 (Ordino).