The Pyrenees are a largely forested territory that are strongly affected by climate change. Climate change is weakening the forests resilience by exacerbating environmental conditions (particularly changes in annual precipitation distribution, increased dry periods, and heatwaves). This is already having a significant impact on the forests: defoliation, reddening, decline, development, and infection by pathogens and pests.

These phenomena can have diverse consequences, ranging from production and productivity losses to massive declines that can destabilize entire ecosystems and local forestry industries.

In this context, the main actors in forest health in the French, Spanish, and Andorran Pyrenees have joined the SANA SILVA project to create a true cross-border network of experts capable of cooperating and acting specifically in our territories.

The main objective of the project are: 

  • Develop a cross-border cooperation strategy in forest health.
  • Implement priority actions to address current and future shared challenges.


The aim of this project are:

  • To achieve improvements in anticipation and response capacity by creating a shared early warning operational system;
  • To improve detection, understanding, and management of phenomena affecting forest health through the implementation of pilot actions;
  • To facilitate the sharing of available knowledge in the region by creating a network of Pyrenean experts.
  • The project will enable significant knowledge transfer to forestry actors.


The leader of this Transpyrene project is the French entity FORESPIR, which has the following group of partners:

  • Centre National de la Propriété Forestière Occitanie,
  • Centre de la Propietat Forestal,
  • Centre de Ciència i Tecnologia Forestal de Catalunya,
  • Gobierno de Aragón,
  • Gestión Ambiental de Navarra, S.A
  • Fundación HAZI Fundazioa,
  • NEIKER-Instituto Vasco de Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario,
  • Office National des forêts – Agence des Pyrénées Atlantiques,
  • Office National des Forêts – Direction Territoriale Midi-Méditerranée,
  • Consorcio de la Comunidad de Trabajo de los Pirineos - OPCC,
  • Union des communes forestières du grand sud,
  • Andorra Recerca i Innovació.

SANA SILVA also has the technical support of:

  • Département Santé des forêts Occitanie – PACA – Corse (Ministère de L’Agriculture et de la Souveraineté Alimentaire / DRAAF PACA)
  • Centre National de la Propriété Forestière Nouvelle-Aquitaine
  • Gobierno de Navarra
  • Generalitat de Catalunya


The SANA SILVA project is co-financed by 65% by the European Union through the Interreg VI-A Spain-France-Andorra program (POCTEFA 2021-2027). The objective of POCTEFA is to strengthen the economic and social integration of the Spain-France-Andorra border area. Project partners also co-finance up to 20% of the actions taken.