Paleontological heritage
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Palaeontology is the science that studies life on Earth in the past, i.e. the remains of fossil organisms and traces of their activity. The palaeontological heritage of Andorra is made up of all these remains - as well as their geological context - found in Andorran territory.

The aim of this project is to identify, describe and evaluate the Andorran paleontological heritage, as well as provide the necessary tools to the administration for its protection and conservation.

Although paleontology is a natural science, paleontological heritage is traditionally treated as part of cultural heritage. It is for this reason that since 2018 we have been working in collaboration with the Patrimoni Cultural del Ministeri de Cultura department.

In 2021, the 2006 paleontological heritage inventory was updated, as well as the assessment of the interest, risk and need for protection of the various inventoried sites [1]. 

Silurian orthoceras.

We also collaborate with the Patrimoni Cultural department to provide occasional advice on the assessment of paleontological heritage that is exposed to public or private activities.

Looking to the future, it is planned to continue research in the field of inventoried species determination, in the prospecting of new fossiliferous sites and in the dissemination of the project´s results.


[1] G. Silvério, A. Margalef, "Redescobrindo os fósseis de Andorra", X Congresso Jovens Investigadores em Geociências, LEG 2020.