Ethics of the digital ecosystem

Digital technologies are increasingly present in many aspects of our personal and professional lives. The way in which digital tools mediate in what we do in our daily lives influences the way how we discover and we understand what surrounds us. Within this paradigm it is necessary to take into account the ethical implications of digital technologies, not only in their use, but also in their definition, implementation and subsequent implementation. 

Aspects such as data privacy, the bias in the datasets used, the rules that are hidden within the algorithms, the control mechanisms that are established or the governance that derives from them, are key points of the necessary ethical debates that must be raised in order to understand the implications of the use of digital technologies.

Andorra Research+Innovation participates, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in different international discussion forums, such as the Council of Europe or UNESCO, where ethical and regulatory issues affecting digital technologies such as artificial intelligence are discussed. This participation ensures that the voice of small communities like ours is heard and taken into account in the different international arenas.