CC BY 4.0 Andorra Recerca + Innovació

The Espai de Neu i Allaus (EDNA) is an outreach environment formed by the mountain area of the Andorra Research + Innovation (Snow and Mountain Research Center, CENMA-IEA), the GRM Bombers d'Andorra and the EFPEM (Escola de Professions Esportives i de Muntanya)

The three administrations are based on different but complementary knowledge and skills. Combining all this knowledge to offer them together is a good opportunity to make a full disclosure approach on snow and avalanches, in all their aspects.

The aim of EDNA is to spread the word to people who do mountain sports in the winter. Provide information about the world of avalanches to protect yourself. This dissemination is done through courses open to all audiences, informative talks, a website where you can consult theoretical aspects, edition of informative booklets...

Each season, courses on snow, avalanches and winter mountain safety are offered, especially aimed at people in winter sports, but are open to any type of public. The level 1 course is a basic course for beginners in the world of meteorology and nivology, to learn how to draw itineraries safely and know how to do a basic rescue. The level 2 course is an advanced and more practical course, aimed especially at people who practice winter sports. Finally, recycling days are offered to review the content learned in courses of previous editions.

All the information regarding this project can be consulted on the EDNA website.