Andorra: future challenges

In the spring of 2021, more than a hundred people came together to discuss the future challenges of Andorran society for the next 25 years and to think together about actions to start tackling them.

The project was a joint initiative of the three institutions with legislative and executive capacity of Andorra - the Parliament, the Government and the Local Governments. The goal was to create spaces for reflection open to public institutions, social and economic actors and the public, to reflect and debate together on the future challenges of Andorra as a territory, a society, and an economic and politic system.

Andorra Research + Innovation has assumed the secretariat and technical coordination of the project, a task that has consisted in the organization of spaces for debate and reflection, work with international experts selected by the steering committee of the project, moderation of the work sessions, the analysis of all the information generated and the drafting of the book that works as the project's report.

One of the work tables in the reflection space dedicated to International Relations.

The book collects the results of all the debates and reflections: more than a hundred challenges, more than half a thousand proposals. With a double objective: on the one hand, to keep a faithful, transparent and detailed record of all the work carried out; on the other, to provide one more tool —or, rather, a toolbox full of ideas— for public debate.

For this reason, the work has been divided into two main parts. A second part with the proceedings of the debates, organized by major thematic areas, where you can find, without exception, all the challenges identified and all the proposed actions. Earlier, in the first part, ten challenges are presented, those that are particularly relevant for their structural and transversal nature, challenges such as the definition of a country model, the energy transition, mobility, the aging of the population or the quality of life. Each of these ten challenges for the future of Andorra is addressed by combining a contextualization of the challenge and a synthesis of the debates held. All this with the pretension -we want to insist on it- to contribute to the public debate on the future of Andorra, an inescapable and necessary debate to which the initiative of Andorra: challenges of the future has wanted to contribute playing the role of first stone.

In addition to the book with the full report of the project, you can also consult the website of the initiative and the videos with the presentations of the experts consulted, the initial sessions of each space and the session of general conclusions.