Study on caretakers for dependent persons

Based on an initiative by the Andorran Women's Association, the possibility of carrying out a study on the caregivers (or rather, the caregivers, as the vast majority are women) of dependent people in our country was analyzed. 
Being a very invisible group, it is very interesting to analyze the profiles of these women, both those who are paid for this activity and those who care for relatives. Work is interested in their lifestyle, their needs, what consequences it has on their state of health, both physically and mentally, in an environment that values ??such important tasks for our society.

To analyze the situation of these people, this work has also made an analysis of the situation of dependent people, both those that appear in the official records (CONAVA, COVASS), and those that for some reason are not there.

The researcher from the University of Lleida, Dra. Paquita Sanvicens, who has participated in many quality research in the neighboring country. In addition, the Department of Welfare of the Government of Andorra has put all the facilities to carry out this project, which will have both a quantitative and qualitative part.

This work was completed at the end of 2020, and a public presentation of the final report is expected soon.