Immigration and the current make up of Andorran society

In the course of the second half of the twentieth century, Andorra went from being an agricultural and livestock society to a tertiary society, with a marked economic growth. In the socio-demographic field, this meant going from being a society where there were people who emigrated to other places, to being a society with high immigration rates, where most of its inhabitants are already of foreign origin. For this reason, and given that the different waves of immigration have led to the contribution of people from different backgrounds depending on the time, the Principality has become synonymous with a kaleidoscopic society, where cultural diversity is the defining feature. par excellence.

This project is made up of the various research projects that revolve around immigration and how our society has been set up. Aspects such as the interrelationship between the different national groups, the analysis of social stereotypes, the axes of social segmentation and also the factors of cohesion — as well as the debate on the definition of integration — are present in these works. The aim is to achieve a comprehensive sociological perspective that lives up to the complexity and importance of the phenomenon.

Reports and publications