Following of the mediation processes

Commissioned by the Department of Justice of the Government of Andorra, the CRES - now part of Andorra Recerca + Innovació - planned in 2018 to monitor the implementation of mediation processes from 2019 and for three years.

Mediation is a non-jurisdictional procedure of a voluntary and confidential nature that aims to facilitate communication between people so that they manage for themselves a solution to the conflicts that affect them, with the assistance of a mediator who acts from a impartially and neutrally.

To carry out this follow-up, and thanks to the collaboration of Gilbert Cousteaux, inspector of the Inspection Service of the Andorran Administration of Justice, four types of field work will be carried out:

  • Survey of the entire population on the knowledge of mediation by the Andorran population. The Observatory will be used to ask the public about mediation in the Principality.
  • Survey of mediated people on the satisfaction of the mediation process. Annual survey of all people who have been immersed in the process, whether or not they have been successful for any reason.
  • Interviews with mediators and legal staff immersed in the mediation process. These interviews will be very useful in analyzing the implementation of the law.
  • Surveys of professionals who may be related to the process, such as lawyers and psychologists.