Political opinion survey

This survey was born in 2010 with the intention of being an instrument to measure the opinion of the entire population of Andorra on the current political situation in the Principality. Its periodicity is annual.
Although the survey is aimed at the population as a whole, people with Andorran nationality are overrepresented in order to obtain a representative sample of people with the right to vote, chosen in proportion to the real weight of Andorrans in each parish in relation to the whole of the Principality. In this way, two results can be differentiated in each wave of the survey:
- Results of the sample of people with Andorran nationality. Usually 400 people.
- Results of the sample of people who do not have Andorran nationality. About 400 people survey each.

The aim of using this methodology is to be able to have results representative of the political opinion and to have results of decided vote at national level, since the little population that there is in the majority of the parishes makes that it is unfeasible to obtain sufficiently representative samples at the parish level. It is for this reason that only the results of the decided vote of the national constituency are made public.
Before general elections — or if a specific issue of the country's political reality is analyzed — the sample is expanded to have a better quality of results.

Here you can see the results of all the waves of the political poll.