The OPCC ADAPYR project is the third generation of projects on climate change, impacts and adaptation measures coordinated by the Pyrenees Climate Change Observatory (OPCC) of the Pyrenees Working Community Consortium. The first project, the OPCC, was part of the POCTEFA 2007-2013 programme and involved the creation of a network of entities committed to studying climate change. The 2014-2020 POCTEFA programme included the OPCC2 project, which aimed to capitalise and disseminate the results of various projects related to climate change and funded by the same POCTEFA programme.

The project partnership brings together research centres and public and private environmental organisations from both sides of the range, with twelve partners and thirty associates. These entities will contribute and share their knowledge and work on the impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation to climate change in various fields, such as flora, fauna, ponds and peat bogs, glaciers, forests, water, natural hazards, or the study of the climate itself. Some of the results of the project are expected to be available online through the OPCC geoportal.

The OPCC ADAPYR project is being developed under the coordination of the Pyrenean Climate Change Observatory (, the Consortium of the Pyrenees Working Community, with scientific objectives that are common to all Pyrenean territories such as:

  • Improve knowledge about climate change and its impacts in Andorra. Formulas will be devised to monitor climate change indicators and their long-term impacts.
  • Encourage innovation through concrete actions in the field of climate change from the capitalization of the results by the OPCC and the Oficina de l'Energia i del Canvi Climàtic (OECC) of Govern d'Andorra, from the work we develop. In this sense, it will participate in three Pyrenean guidelines: (i) the local planning on the climate, (ii) the adaptation to the water management plans, and (iii) the adaptation to the forest management plans.
  • Ensure recommendations transfer and results to Andorra’s entities to promote adaptation and resilience within the framework of the Pyrenean Climate Change Strategy.

This project is funded by the Interreg-POCTEFA program and the Government of Andorra through the Complementary Grants for POCTEFA 2014-2020.