Andorra, Biosphere Reserve

Andorra Research + Innovation has assumed the technical coordination of the national candidacy, led by the Government, for Andorra to become as a whole a biosphere reserve within the UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere (MAB) program

A biosphere reserve is a region with a common goal to find and strengthen the equilibrium between biodiversity conservation and economic and social development, through the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals. In this sense, all biosphere reserves have to ensure landscape and natural ecosystems protection and restoration, to contribute for a sustainable development of the human and economic dimensions, and to promote cross-border knowledge sharing, science research and continuous monitoring.

The technical coordination of the candidacy, focuses on preparing all the required information to deploy the communication phase to all stakeholders, to collect and summarize the documentation and evidence to fullfill the MAB nomination form, and finally to organize the participatory workshops aimed at collecting the opinions of the cross-sectorial actors and citizens. As an example, a national contest has been organized with all secondary school students, in order to design the logotype of  Andorra’s biosphere reserve.