Water resources report

The Principality of Andorra's monthly water resource monitoring report presents a series of indicators and indices with the aim of providing an approximation of the current water resource situation in the country. The report is divided into two main sections, focusing on climate and streamflow data of the Valira River. 

The indexes proposed in the first phase are the SPI (Standardized Precipitation Index) [1] and the SSFI (Standardized Streamflow Index) [2] that allow the study of meteorological and hydrological drought, respectively [3]. Future editions of the report will include new indicators and indices, always with the aim of advancing in the understanding of the water resource situation in the country.

The rainfall and streamflow data, and the indices calculated from them, come from specific stations in the country which, without being regionalised, provide an idea of the global situation, indicate trends and should allow progress to be made in possible situations of water scarcity.

The report is produced monthly by Andorra Recerca + Innovació in collaboration with the National Meteorological Service and the Ministry of the Environment, Agriculture and Forestry.


Explanatory video of the monthly bulletin for monitoring Andorra's water resources, from the document for March (click on the image)


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